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    Unable to use w/ my Android (Samsung Galaxy S4)

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      I've recently updated my onscreen remote for the new Comcast X1 set top box "PACE001ANM" and although my Laptop now works perfectly, the APP on my Samsung Galaxy S4 does not seem to be compatible any longer (even w/ the android software completely up to date).



      - The app displays what is currently on my TV, but provides me ZERO functionality.

      - I'm unable to pull up the guide, number pad, on-screen remote, or change the channels

      The App is pretty much useless on my device atm.....and it's incredibly disheartening. Considering I rarely use the Slingbox console & when I want to I CONTINUE TO HAVE NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS..it's beginning to become hard to speak highly of this box as I once did, any longer.


      May I ask somebody for their assistance/ advice on a resolution, please???