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    Problem connecting my slingcatcher to my slingbox

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      I read the help file and found an article that covers my problem and I'm pasting it below. The article references an 'online network assistant' that I should use to manually configure my slingbox along with an article about how to use it. It then mentions a link to find the two. There is no link. Where can I find the tool and article? Thanks.


      You see "Unable to connect to the Slingbox due to a network error" on your TV

      • If you're unable to connect to your Slingbox from SlingCatcher and you see that error, there's a quick solution. What may be confusing is that Internet Viewing from your Slingbox still works on a computer or on a mobile phone. Still, it’s quick to fix it.

      While this looks like it's a problem with your SlingCatcher, it's actually a simple problem with your Slingbox configuration. You just have to go to where the Slingbox is located (usually, this is your home network). Next, on a computer on that network, you have to configure remote viewing manually. The easiest way is to use our online network assistant, and there's an article on how to use it. Just use the link on the right side of this page. Follow the steps on that page. That's all!

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          Sling have actually moved all their Support articles, forgetting that this will have screwed up all the previous links to these articles that are posted on this forum.   You are better off just asking for advice here.


          I assume you have rebooted your Slingcatcher ?    What Slingbox are you trying to connect to ?   Local or Remote ?

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              Yes, I rebooted the slingcatcher several times, no success. I'm streaming from a Pro HD. It worked fine in April, just went back for Thanksgiving and it did not work. They are located in 2 different states. Where could I look to find the now unlinked articles?

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                  Slingcatcher can only work with TCP stream. This is determined by the setting of the router at the pro-hd end.

                  If you can, run Slingplayer desktop software and connect to the pro-hd. With the video playing, press alt, shift and i keys at the same time on pc keyboard. This will bring up a statistics window. 5th item down from the top is Stream Type. This must say TCP. Anything else and it won't work when connecting with Slingcatcher.

                  If it shows relay or snatt, then the pro-hd is not connected to its router with port forwarded correctly. (The stream will work on everything EXCEPT Slingcatcher).

                  First, get someone to reboot the router and a few seconds later, reboot the pro-hd. Providing the router settings have not been altered (since it was originally working), then this may sort out the problem.

                  If not, then you need to set the router to always give the same ip address to the pro-hd and to set port forwarding to this address.

                  You can do this either at the pro-hd (in the setup there is a setting for static ip, and then at the router you set port forwarding to this ip), or within the router, you can set it to always give the pro-hd the same address (based on its MAC address) and set the port forwarding to this address.

                  I've had this issue a number of times, where the router has been re-started, but not the pro-hd. The router then gives the pro-hd a different ip address than original, and not port forwarded.

                  Best to use fixed ip address.