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    Slingbox 500 frame skipping, sound not syncronized

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      Have had my Slingbox 500 since 2012 and it was working perfectly until about a month ago.  Now, when it is connected, the video skips and stop and skips and stops and the sound never matches the picture when streaming. The audio is always on and working, but does not keep up with the steaming.  I am currently using the Slingbox 500 Wi-Fi adaptor to connect to my home network.  The Slingbox 500 is connected with both HDMI and Component cables and I use DirecTV as my cable provider.  This happens using both IE and Firefox browsers.  The strange things is when connecting to the Slingbox with my HTC One smartphone, everything works perfectly.  No video skipping or sound issues.  I have tried reconfiguring the Slingbox from scratch as well as re-setting it.  Those actions have no effect on the issue.


      Any ideas how this can be fixed.  I love using my Slingbox, especially when I am on the road traveling, but it is pretty much useless the way it is working now.