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    Slingbox M1 transfer rate on remote viewing gone WAY down


      Ok, I have Charter 60 MIP download, 4 MIP upload speed, and when I first got my Slingbox, I was getting 2MIP on 4GLTE transfer rate watching on my phone.It was great! Streaming HI-DEF video, I loved it! That lasted about a month, then my rate dropped overnight to 200-400kbps. I've contacted NETGEAR, even went out and bought a new dual band N750 router and still no change. Speed test shows on my new router on the wireless side to be 40MIP download, and a very stable 3MIP upload. I tried reseting my Slingbox, even bought a long ethernet cable and hooked it up that way, still no joy. What am I donig wrong? Is Charter screwing me throtteling my speed? HELP!!!!