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    Remote commands are not working on Android tablet.


      The remote shows on the screen but no buttons are working when I use my Android tablet but works fine with my Windows7 laptop.  I receive always the same picture from my Bell recorder. I can't access other recording or tv channels when using the onscreen remote. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Slingplayer application and still have the same problem. There is a black overlay, that I have not seen before, showing recorder symbols, is that a new feature? Is that overlay interfering with the remote overlay?

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          Here is more information on my problem. When I have installed the Android app a year ago everything was working nicely. I have lost this Slingplayer app since. Now I have reinstalled the app from Google play twice and noticed that the remote control overlay is not responding.

          My tablet is Ainol Novo 10 Captain Quadcore running Android version 4.2.2. My recorder is Bell Fibe VIP 2262. I have uninstalled the remote from my Slingbox 350 and reinstalled it and still not working on Android but always work fine on my Windows browser.