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    Anyone else having issues with Mac requiring repeated log-ins?

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      I seem to have repeated problems when I log in to Sling Player online since I updated to the latest OS on my Mac. I get great viewing BUT every time if the computer has been off, I have to start from scratch with the country where my Sling is located, language, logging in and when the player does finally connect I have to again go switch my aspect to UK as my box is in the UK and I travel a lot so it seems not to remember where my SlingBox even is. In fact thats the whole issue as even on the same Mac computer once I turn it off (which I do most nights) Sling seems to "forget" who I am, my account info and even what country the box is located in.  Is anyone else having this issue and more im[prtant is there anything I can do about it?  Once I connect and go thru all the set-up for the umpteenth time, change the aspect viewed, etc.,  it works great and streams wonderfully...until I do it's a frustrating repeat EVERY time. I am using Safari (latest version) and I do not have cookies or keychain turned off. Any advice or just allow 5 extra minutes EVERY time for the required repeated info? I do not have issues on my iPad app just on the computer.