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    Will my Slingbox work with an ARRIS VMS1100 DVR.

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      Currently I have FiOS service from Verizon.

      I am currently happy with my Sling TV box operation on my cell phone, tablet and Roku Box at another location.

      I am moving to a nearby location and Verizon has informed me that there will be a change in hardware.

      Currently I have in our Family Room a Motorola DVR Model:QIP7232-P2 U/A:0000046294215172 and a couple of small units in our Den & MBR (Model:DCT700).

      Verizon has informed me that I will be getting the ARRIS (they took over Motorola Set Top Boxes) VMS1100 boxes.

      Will the current Slingbox be compatible with this new set top box?

      Also, I understand my  upload internet speed will crop from 35MB to 5MB (currently have 35/35 and new location has 30/5)?

      Thanks, Tom