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    Slingplayer laptop remote

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      I have an odd issue.  I can not see the remote icon on the sling player application on my macbook pro.  I used to have the icon which was displayed on the top right side and would click on the icon and up would pop the xfinity remote control.  For some reason, I only see the icon for a flash second as it connect to my slingbox, then it disappears.  I have tried uninstalling the program to no avail.  I have installed the sling player app on another computer with the same result.  I have tried reseting the M1 box, but it doesn't help.  The problem seems to have occurred after I was checking out different preference setting. 


      Right now I am stuck on channel as I can't see the remote on the slingbox app on the computer.  Any thoughts?  I tired of seeing Thomas the Tank on PBS.


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          alanrichey42 Master

          It will happen on all devices as the remote inside the M1 has gone missing.  After resetting I assume you redid the "Reconfigure OIOnput" routine ?

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              Thanks for the reply.  I haven't been able to get the M1 box to reset to the factory defaults and start the install over.  I held in the reset button but it never goes back to the defaults.  I am currently out of town and will try to get it back to the default on Sunday.  Last night I discovered that if I change the source from component to composite, the remote icon shows up and I can input a different channel.  I don't have a picture since those connections are not hooked up.  I then switch back component and get to see the picture and sound.  Very odd that I see the icon on the composite source but not when set to component. 


              I will try to get it back to the factory defaults when I get home.  I never was able to the M1 box to setup wirelessly and had to hook up an ethernet cable to get it to work.

              I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for your help.