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    Missing remote for SlingBox 500

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      I have purchased a used Slingbox 500 but did not get a remote.  Do I have to have a remote to set up? I direct connected it to my router and the lights are on.

      I tried the Slingplayer app on my Android, but i get a blank screen when I select Connect.  When I try to set Slingbox for SlingSync, it says a must have a Slingbox 500 in my Sling account.  How do I do that?

      When I go to my Slingbox account, then Directory, it says "Slingbox not found"

      I go to Sling.com and look at my account and it says Slingbox Services for my Slingbox are working normally.  Does that mean I have my Slingbox 500 registered in my account?

      Do I need a Slingbox remote?  Help!