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    Why won't my Slinglinks work?

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      I have a laptop computer in one room and another in a room in the basement.  Wi-Fi connected to the upstairs laptop won't work for the basement.  I obtained two Slinglink Turbo W1's, both have the same model number SL300-100 but different part numbers (157089 and 157400).  These are apparently the old ones as there is no mention of them on the Sling website.  I have read all the website advice and have not been able to make the basement laptop connect to the internet.

      I have connected one of the Slinglinks to my modem/router (Qweat Q100Z) and the other to the basement laptop.  The Slinglinks are plugged into the wall and both lights light up on each one.  All phones use a DSL filter.  I have reattached and powered the modem/router and Slinglinks off and on.  The basement laptop still indicates no internet connection.

      One of the Slinglinks I got from a Dish Network system when I moved.  It was working fine with the Dish system when disconnected.  The other I bought on eBay.  I'm wondering if the eBay one is defective somehow.

      Any suggestions?  Thanks.