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    Roku dropping android tablet connection

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      Just bought a new Slingbox Pro-HD in the UK(still an offered product here) and it is setup and working.


      Bought the tablet app to watch it on my Roku here in Germany (1000 miles away).

      It connects and works for upto 10 minutes then loses the connection on the Roku.


      The tablet app works fine on it's own as does the laptop,


      After lots of searching on the net, it appears there is a major problem with this app and this issue.


      Someone suggested an older apk (2.9.2) which I found and installed, this cured the issue, which eliminates any setup problems,

      The Roku streamed fine for hours on this version.


      Today I cannot launch the apk, it seems this version is for phones and not tablets, so I don't have a valid license.


      The tablet app I bought is version 3.5.2, can you please send me an earlier version with Roku support?


      All the other topics suggest it is a TCP problem, I have eliminated this concern. The app is buggy,


      Please send an earlier apk to try.