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    Slingplayer won't install Win7 x64


      Does Slingplayer not work on Win7 x64?

      I get absolutely nothing when I try and run the EXE file

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hi hhsouth,

          This article, What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com outlines our current compatibility.

          There's a note regarding running in 32 vs 64 bit mode.


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              Hello: Slingplayer Tech support cant help me on this one. I have Win 7 64 bit with IE ver 11. My Sling player in Explorer worked fine and then they had the great idea of upgrading it. I click watch in IE and it downloads the new Sling player. On install it asks me to close IE, the Windows install starts and I get an error back asking me for an alternate path to WBSPActiveXIbstaller.msi, it then tells me that the MSI is not a valid installer package. I have to back out of install then and can not use the product.. I have my Firewalls temporarily closed. I have user Admin rights to the install directory. I have even copied msi file to a folder on desktop and tried install from there. all my other install programs work. I am so frustrated with these Slingplayer forced upgrades that I am looking for an alternative to Slipbox HW. Every time they upgrade I have some kind of problem or the product slows down. I was able to get the Chrome Slingplayer to work. Now they are pushing add's on use, even in Spanish. That is outlandish as I bought their product and should not be subject to this greedy revenue generator. You either make a product that works and sell it for a profit or get out of the business. Also the Chrome version is made for tablets and not desktops. I use this program as I run a cable company and need to to monitor remote locations for subscriber troubleshooting. Slingplayer not working costs me time and money.

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                  I have close to the same problem. When I first installed Slingbox on my IE browser it worked just fine. I am running Windows 7X64 and now when I try to connect to my slingbox 500 I get an error "cannot connect to Slingbox please check your internet connection" My iphone and my ipad connect fine so I assume it has something to do with Slingbox plugin. I find it hard to believe that Slingbox can't fix this problem as it seems to be a major problem. And to top it all off they want to charge $29.00us to even talk to them about this problem.