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      I already paid for the box and the apps...and I watch ads as part of the regular TV programming.


      Why do I have to watch another commercial to get Sling.com to connect to my cable box???  This is a great way to lose customers.  We are sick of being bombarded by commercials everywhere, and the fact that this is an app and a service we have already PAID for is a totally deceptive thing for your company to do.  This didn't exist when I paid for this thing!!

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          I am very much insulted and annoyed by the use of ads on Slingbox desktop app!!!!... WWTF! I payed for the slingbox... and it will not work out of the box without an app.. so WTF did they put ads in the desktop app?   cheating SOB

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            I currently have 3 slingboxes and have continued to upgrade when new ones come out.  Until the add go away I will not purchase another. I will also recommend others to not purchase slingboxes,  I had one of the original sling boxes 8 9 years ago and have enjoyed them.  You placement of ads is so contrary to what I used to think of sling box.  Watch your tv anywhere any time, is has become watch slingbox ads anywhere any time. 

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              I agree 100% ... if this doesn't end I'll not buy another SlingBox

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                I also will never buy another one. Not only are there ads but they just showed an completely obscene "ad" for some Chinese sex geek ***********.  Outrageous the SlingBox would call a 10 minute pornographic video an "advertisement"

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                  It figures I hadn't read anything about ads until I went out today to by an M1.  I'm seriously thinking about taking it back right now, unopened, before I find out what I'm missing, good or bad.  Pretty sad when they lose a customer before they even had one.

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                    Why isn't sling answering these posts?

                    The ads just got longer. Now I get 2, and they have audio.

                    By the time streaming starts, I have missed the start of my show.