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    Advertisements in Web Sling Media player?

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      Slingmedia Team,

      I've been a Slingbox customer for over three years, and have loved it. I have recommended it to friends, upgraded my device, and widely supported the product on Amazon, social media, etc...

      Last week I was shocked to start seeing advertisements in the web browser's Sling Media Player... in addition to paying for my basic cable package, and the Slingbox product, I have also paid for the iPhone app AND the iPad app, and now I'm being forced to watch advertisements before I can use the service? Something doesn't seem right here; if I wanted to be forced to watch TV advertisements with programs, I would just spend my money on Hulu Plus.

      To make matters more disheartening, I called your customer support just now to leave feedback and the woman I spoke with was giggling when I told her why I had called:

      "What's funny? Have other people called about this?"

      "No, no no... sorry," she said, "every now and then someone calls and complains that they have to watch something, not just you."

      So, my objection to watching advertisements on a product I have already paid for has been minimized to a "complaint" that I "have to watch something."


      Just very disappointed in a product and service I have always put so much stock in, and hoping for some answers.