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    Weak or no signal


      I got a EU Slingbox SOLO connected in between my Motorola 1910 Settop box and Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV.

      Connected both ways by component cable.


      Initially everything works fine and I can watch Slingbox stream on my pc, mac, iphone etc. However, if I put my settop box to standby and turn it on again I get "Weak or no signal" when trying to watch. Audio is playing perfectly fine. To fix this I have to unplug the power from the slingbox and reconnect it while the settop box is on.


      How do I fix this so I will be able to put my settop box to standby?

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          eferz Expert

          Is your set-top box also connected via HDMI?  That could be just how your set-top box employs digital and audio outputs simultaneously.  Unfortunately, different set-top boxes will show different symptoms when HDMI is used.


          Otherwise, I would recommend trying to setup another input like S-Video or Composite.  You might be able switch inputs to have it reinitalize the component video source.  It could be an issue with how the set-top reintializes its component outputs when it comes out of stand-by.

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              Thanks for your reply, eferz.


              The only connection going from the set-top box is component + red/white for audio to the slingbox and from the slingbox using the same connections to the TV. The HDMI on the set-top box is not connected to anything.


              The only video outputs available on the set-top box are HDMI, component and scart.


              If I understand your suggestion you want me to try connecting the set-top box with the slingbox with the scart output at the same time, is that correct?