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    Comcast/Motorola RNG200N


      I have a Comcast/Motorola box that says RNG200N on the front and DCX3501 on the bottom.  I had some trouble downloading the remote so I thought I would share some tips and provide feedback to Sling.


      When I went to download the remote, Motorola DCX3501 wasn't available as an option, so I tried Motorola RNG200N.  This did not work.  I then searched the forums and found a post that suggested using RNG200.  Motorola RNG200 did not exist so I tried Comcast RNG200.  This did not work.  I searched the forums some more and found a post that suggested using Comcast X1.  I tried it and it seems to work.  The poster said that by using the Comcast X1 remote, some menus/buttons were remained inaccessible since it wasn't the correct remote.  I haven't yet found which ones these are.


      It would helpful for Sling to provide the correct remote codes for Comcast/Motorola RNG200N.