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    Commercials before Slingbox stream loads?

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      That's what we need are more commercials. I noticed this morning when logging into my sling box was, besides the usual banner ad on the header, a commercial playing in place of my Slingbox screen. WOW! When will it stop? Are we not already assaulted enough with ads without the Sling masters beating us over the head with more ads?


      I'm surprised they don't just permanently take up 3/4's of the screen with constant ads plus breaking into the stream every five minutes for five minutes of commercials!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the "premium" yearly subscription service that does away with "most" of the ads. I know, don't give them any ideas,right? I'm sure they have thought about all of these already.


      Face it, they are a pure profit business and if they can make more money by beating us with more commercials they will do it right up until their product sales drop to nothing. That's why they did away with the stand alone viewer because they couldn't control it and send us commercials we had to watch before we could watch the stream. They don't care at all about the consumer and their viewing experience. We are now just a pool of advertising targets to show potential advertisers to make more revenue. Time to investigate an alternative I can live with until they go bad. I know, blah, blah, blah, who cares, right?

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          I AM WITH YOU 100%!

          I have had a Slingbox since 2007. I'm now on my second device. And today, I opened my Slingplayer for MAC and it ran maybe 5 back to back commercials! I too will NOT be getting another Slingbox. I understand that they need to make money, but I bought the Slingbox, bought the iPad app, the iPhone App and STILL I need to watch commercials!


          If you read the Slingbox.....you are going to lose customers for sure if you continue down this path. This isn't YOUTUBE!


          I have talked up your products to many people since 2007. And I know that I've been responsible for some of your sales, because it WAS excellent.


          VERY Disappointed!