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    Duplicate IR Commands or Repeat value issues


      Using the legacy Slingbox with latest version of firmware and latest version of slingplayer. In Slingplayer (for Windows) when utilizing the Comcast remote, to a Comcast DVR (Moto box pre X1), it seems to send duplicate commands. I have seen comments that it has to do with the repeat value hardcoded in the Slingbox but this problem did not always exist. I am not sure if it started with a new software release or a re-positioning of the IR Blaster transmitters but it seems to me that if it was an issue hardcoded in firmware it would have always done this. Anyone have any idea if there is any other way to solve this or if a new sling box or IP blaster would solve this? I have played around with the position of the blaster to no avail. The system is unusable as is because I often can't select the command in the comcast menu I need. I have not been able to understand how to modify a custom remote to replace the built in comcast one, to try and address the repeat command issue. This problem seems to be common, so it is hard to believe Sling folks have not addressed it. Appreciate any advice anyone has. Thanks.