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    Seem to receive videostream but it is not displayed in Slingplayer


      Hi everybody,


      I have installed a slingbox 350 in Japan. It is connected to a Panasonic DMR-BR 160 receiver.

      I am using it from Germany eather with free slingplayer (firefox) or with IOS-Slingplayer on 2 different IPads.


      First of all: During selection of the receiver in the installation process, I couldn't find the exact model DMR-BR 160 but a slightly different model (150 or 140?).

      I used this slightly different model and the installation was successful using this selection.

      When I started using the Slingplayer in Germany everything worked well for a week or so.

      After this period we seemed to get connection to the slingbox (I can see, that a videostream arrives), but the Slingplayer did not display the videostream.

      This behavior was persistent for a week or so.

      After that, video display worked again for some time, after which it did not work for some time (and so on).


      As I can see from my monitoring my router, a videostream arrives, therefore the problem seems to be located in the decoding process in the Slingplayers.

      If the problem exists, it exists in all Slingplayers, independant from the type of Slingplayer (Free or IOS-player)


      Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?


      Greetings from Germany

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hello Jens Albrecht,


          Before we can determine what the issue may be, we will need a little more information. With the inconsistency of the video stream, there can be many different reasons as to what is causing this.


          1. What cables do you have connected to the audio/video source?

          2. When you are not receiving video, is it for all the channels or just a select few?

          3. When there is no video, are you receiving audio?


          Awaiting your reply,



          Sling Media Moderation Team