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    Slingbox picture quality was horrible last night, but perfect this morning.  Nothing changed.  What's the deal?


      Last night I was watching my Slingbox, and the picture quality was terrible, it kept cutting out, etc..  I reset the router, the range extenders, rebooted my computer; nothing worked. I noticed the streaming speed in Slingplayer never went above 600kbps. This morning, everything's the same, but the speed is over 3000kbps and the picture is perfect and crystal clear.  Both last night and this morning, the only computer in the house accessing the Internet is this same computer, so there weren't any usage differences.  What's the deal?  I have had this problem before, so it wasn't a one time thing.  Does Sling slow down the streaming rates through their servers when Slingbox usage is higher (there were a lot of college football games on TV last night, so I would imagine lots of Slingboxes were in use)?  Is there anything I can do about this problem?