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    Why the advertisments before you give me my TV?

    dewdude Newbie

      Hey Sling,


      I do not understand why you have to go full-corporate and begin to milk more money out of customers.


      I have, for the last few years; defended and praised your technology. When people complained about the cost of mobile apps; I defended that. When people complained about the fact you have to use the mobile apps to use Roku; I defended that. Even when people asked why you have two mobile apps instead of one univied app; I defended it. I sat down and wrote a rather nice FAQ for users that answered questions and gave them the information they wanted to know; all because I wanted to throw more people in to this wonderful world of Slingbox.


      However, my support and defense has ended. When I connected to my Slingbox today through Chrome; I had to watch a 30 second advertisement before you would display my TV.

      I cannot think of a logical reason for this other than you've become greedy. With the security of Slingbox; I have to use your software to connect and stream for it. This is a requirement you placed on the product, and in my opinion; should be supported for the life of the product. However, you've now decided to monetize this with the worst possible way; video advertisements. If you were no longer selling Slingbox units at all; then I could understand it, as you do not have a revenue stream or reason to maintain the app. However, you're still selling Slingboxes; so the hosting and maintance of the app shouldn't "cost" anything for older users.


      Oh, but I forgot, the new Sling models don't work with the browser; the old ones don't work with the desktop app. This makes me wonder if you're going to abandon the browser playback entirely without bothering to update the dsktop apps to support the older models; creating a fragmentation that allows you to justify to customers why we're watching ads. "We don't support the browser playback anymore"....this excuse will not fly as you have artificially created this situation.

      When I connect to my Slingbox; I *DO NOT* want to wait 30 seconds to begin watching my TV. It is entirely unfair; considering the only way I can watch my Sling350 is using the browser. You took away the desktop app on the last cycle of products; only to bring it back with the M1 and have not yet made the other models work.


      I don't get you Sling; I really don't. I want to continue loving your technology; but your greed has completely turned me off. Unless you guys stop making me watch advertisements before watching TV I'm paying for, on hardware I paid for; over my *local* network; I will have to ditch your technology and go with a competitors product that don't stick me with 3 or 4 advertisments before I'm able to watch my TV. The device has become just as annoying as trying to watch video on any other website. My 350 has been "broken" since the day I got it; with random disconnects that appear to be hardware related. You don't have a poor connection on a gigabit connection; you don't have poor connection when you're plugged in to the same switch; it comes up with a poor connection because the hardware just decides to shut down and reboot at random. Your support staff on the forums has NEVER acknowledged this issue; and instead has always given a generic response blaming the PC or internet connection...but it's none of those.


      Despite that, I never turned people away from the technology; I never even told people about that problem. It was obviously an issue if you "refreshed" the 350 with the M1 after barely 2 years.


      Between the fragmentation in viewing options among models; the inability for you guys to admit there were issues with the 350; and now this excessive advertising...I'm done. I won't be buying the new Slingbox models. I won't even be looking at Slingbox anymore; I'll be looking at the other technology out there.


      I really thought you were better than that; shame on you. Shame on you for shilling out to corporate America. Shame on you for telling customers they don't matter. Shame on you for taking such a great concept; and giving people a reason to hate it. If you are going to monetize our viewing in this way; I'll be sure to support the lawsuits and injunctions that are attempting to be filed against you. When you were selling a piece of hardware, it was fine; but you are now monetizing our viewing...which I don't doubt will be brought up by networks.

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          Maxcats Novice

          I too have supported and promoted Slingbox. But I too have also thrown in the towel and conceded defeat. I too don't understand why Sling is driving users into the other camp of competing placeshifting products.


          I put up with the unresolved ringing App-echo on my Pro-HD, the random drops of the WD TV and other quirks because the benefits outweighed the problems. But the adverts are the deal-breaker.


          The compromised viewing experience the ads introduced after I had bought into the product just destroyed the goodwill and positive Sling experience.


          Hear us Sling - you are turning brand-advocates against you and for what?

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            Yes to all of this.  Through all the years and variations i hung in there.  Through the "oh the old units wont talk to the new players and vice versa" so i had to run 2 players or throw my stuff out.  Through the crappy performance of the first browser based players and hidden protocol choice issues causing major performance issues and the need to tweak my router far far more with the "automatic" browser setups for good streaming than we had ever had to do w the desktop apps.  And the need to always connect to the Sling master server instead of direct...  And still i sent new customers over, showing off the amazing Sling all over the world as i traveled.  And i bought new ones.  And i paid for the mobile players.  And i recommended.   I Was already pretty annoyed at seeing the "yet again gee havent i seen this before" switch back over to desktop players oh that wont work with the old ones... Really? How much contempt do you have to have for your customers to flip flop players every other generation and actually claim that somehow despite amazing technology there is no possible way to unify and support older players so hey new player no ability to unify and use your old device without the obsolete software.  So if i get a new one, i am running 3 players now..? Oldest, older, new...? Great.    But now actually forced ads before you can connect to your device?  Sling, we may be at the end of a long road my friend.
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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              A shameful decision.


              It's weird though as I don't get these adverts on the web site, or the desktop player, connecting to either a 350, 500 or M1. I thought maybe it was related to my geographical location outside the US but even if I connect to a US VPN server I still don't get any adverts, just the banner ads at the top.


              I'm using Safari on a Mac, maybe they've not implemented the ads on the Mac (or Safari) yet?

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                dewdude Newbie



                Your lack of reply on this matter is proving you simply do not care about us. You have customers with a legitimate complaint; I know you patrol the forums. You've just refused to say anything..


                Again, your lack of replay proves *you do not care about your customers concerns*.


                This is inexcusable. This is not how a company is supposed to treat it's customers.


                Enjoy your profits; you're going to need them when Fox and the other networks get their day in court.

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                  dewdude Newbie

                  It's been another month without a single response from Sling on the subject. They went as far as to block me on Facebook and Twitter over my complaints.


                  All I wanted, Sling was a response; a very simple response. I probably would have caved and accepted the fact you want to be greedy IF YOU'D JUST SAID SOMETHING! Instead; you not only ignored me; but blocked me from expressing my views on your social media.


                  This is the lowest of the low when it comes to dealing with customers. You forget your company lives and dies by us purchasing the hardware and getting others to purchase it. If you're completely unwilling to say ANYTHING about this subject; you obviously do not care about what your customers say, think, or even feel.


                  Again, by ignoring and blocking customers; you have sent a very large message that we don't matter. This is not how you should be conducting business.


                  Truth is; a bunch of people have been telling me I should be using unapproved third-party software to watch my Sling; and I didn't want to have to resort to that route. But it looks like I'm going to have to. You refuse to update the desktop application to support the 350. Users are randomly reporting getting advertisements. This means you're either targeting specfic users; or you are targeting hardware. I'm sorry; if you're going to try to make me upgrade by sticking me with ads; that's a pretty lousy tactic and just reinforces the idea you don't care about customers. In case you've forgotten; Aereo tried to use the "we're just providing a service" arguement in court; and lost. You will not be able to justify your monetization of other networks TV programming; which is essentially what you are doing by displaying an advertisement before starting the stream.


                  I've gone from being outraged in principal to just being outraged. You guys started out so cool; but you sold out to the corporate buttheads and are no better than any of them. You're just another heartless corporation who's motto is "all your money are belong to us". You have crippled your own product to make money.


                  I hope it feels good; I rank you guys down there with Apple and Comcast as far as customer service goes. You don't even have the decency to write any kind of reply to a complaint in the last 3 months. You obviously have no intention of ever doing so. You have no intention of actually helping customers. You have no intention but doing anything but making money.

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                      dewdude Newbie

                      This probably could have been avoided if you STATED THE DESKTOP APPLICATION WORKED WITH THE 350!


                      You didn't even have the decency to do that.

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                          BrandonC Novice

                          It's been quite some time since I posted here but thought I would check out and see if any posts about the advertising were here and saw this one right away.

                          I don't have my 350 hooked up right now and am using 500s at the moment so have not seen the ads and am not surprised by the lack of response here.

                          Not sure what the thinking is behind this but I too disagree with adding adverting.  They already track what your watch, for how long and from where. I assume to create a revenue stream by providing statistics to 3rd parties but I never heard any response from Sling regarding that either.


                          I miss the old days when they used to participate in the community.

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                        I can't say any more than what's already been said and expect it to fall on deaf ears anyway.  Besides the issues noted, now Sling is causing some network degradation.  I know I have an older Sling - but maybe time to switch to some other device/app which offers similar service.