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    Samsung SMT-S5260/Humax HD200S Remote Support

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      I've requested support with this remote issue in the remote discussion group but add to this group in hopes of a solution:



      Please add a remote or advise of an alternative for Samsung SMT-S5260.

      I have complied with the Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control with no success.

      Also, while working through all of the remote choices, the selection/drop down box would hang up at times but the selected remote icon would change. Not sure if the actual IR codes were changing…?

      It seemed that with this situation the web site would crash and I would need to close the tab and return after 10-15 minutes re-logon to continue the search.


      Location details:

      Chiang Mai, Thailand

      True Visions

      Samsung HD s200s/SMT-S5260

      Sling Box Pro HD purchased in Hong Kong


      Your support with this will be greatly appreciated.


      Tod Ewell


      Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!


      Kind Regards,