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    Problem with playback on home wifi 5ghz

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      Using: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air

      Slingbox Solo

      Chrome, Firefox, or Slingbox Mac Desktop App


      Hey anyone know why I can't change channels, use any of the buttons on my remote, etc. when viewing via either chrome or firefox or the mac version of slingplayer desktop when connected on my internal wifi network? It streams the video no problem with quality or sound at all, but even when I type the channel #s in manually it doesn't change.


      I took my laptop off my home wifi and connected via another network and I have full access and control to the remote and manual typing a channel # etc?


      Never any problems though with my iPad app via internal or external network. It is only happening on a desktop/browser player both Windows & Mac.


      Any ideas?


      The problem only occurs when connected to my home wifi via the 5Ghz connection. If I switch it to the 2.4Ghz wifi network I can control my player without a problem.