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    Missing mux on digital tuner


      Is anyone else having problems with the digital tuner in a ( UK ) classic slingbox?


      I have a roof antenna which when connected to any other digital receiver finds all the muxes from my local transmitter ( Brighton - Whitehawk Hill ) with 80-90% signal strength and >90% quality - I live less than 2miles from the transmitter.


      When I connect the aerial to the slingbox and go through a tuning operation it finds all the muxes except mux 2 ( on UHF Ch. 50 ) - it doesn't matter how many resets I have done or retunes etc. still no mux 2 ( it's the main ITV mux )


      More info about my local transmitter and its frequencies http://www.ukfree.tv/txdetail.php?a=TQ330045


      Any thoughts or suggestions?