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    Kindle Fire Slingplayer setup to Dish Slingbox

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      I am on my 2nd hour, trying to setup Amazon's SlingPlayer app to my Dish Slingbox and my 722 DVR. I have set up an account on www.slingbox.com and downloaded and installed Slingplayer from Amazon. Trying to connect, from my Kindle Fire, I am told that I do not have a slingbox added to my account and to go to help to see how. The only help I could find under SlingPlayer was under settings, where this help only gives me a blank page in setting up my slingbox. So, I went to www.slingbox.com and accessed help there. Selected the connection option, and slingbox/other. It then provided a link to Amazon to download Slingplayer, with absolutely no other options.


      I wonder if anyone that set up this stuff, actually did any trial runs, because everything takes you to a dead end. This has got to be the worst setup I have seen in a long time. Can anyone help? First forum where I wasn't able to add an email address so replies would be sent to me, so I haven't a clue how or when to check for answers.... Boy is this whole thing frustrating......