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    W200 error; Slingbox PRO-HD is not usable, can't easily connect

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      Slingbox PRO-HD has become completely unusable: the box can reliably be found only on the local network, only something connected to the router(s) in the house.


      It used to be that only rarely one needed to unplug the power cord from the box.  Now it's a very frequent requirement.  One interruption from Internet Service Provider, in this case Time Warner, and this Slingbox will not be reachable without a restart, clearing of browser cache, restarts of client PC, possible `ipconfig /flushdns`, and a list of other restart/refresh type of things that make it near impossible to use Slingbox PRO-HD.  Constant W200 error; it's happening more than it's not happening.


      The firmware, Adobe, and all other things are updated to the max.  Bandwidth is not an issue: it's Time Warner regular cable on both ends.


      Time Warner loves to routinely restart people's connections and modems.  Slingbox is not usable if one need to be physically present next to the device to recycle its power every time (intentional?) Time Warner decides to disconnect users.


      You can't classify the device as 'working' if every time one wants to use it one needs to be physically near the box, power down+up, cache refresh, several tries, etc.  The support's answer has been: 'it's your Internet connection'.  Yeah, right.  Other devices seem to have no problem reconnecting automatically.  There is no point in buying Slingbox M1 if the previous $300 devices don't work.

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          I am experiencing the exact same issue with my Pro HD box, now. I have Comcast internet and everything *except* my Slingbox reconnects itself after any interruption in service. I can access the box from home but am at the mercy of asking someone near home to constantly go into my hourse and reset the box when I am away from home so that I can watch my programming--but that's getting old and this "new" box is nearly useless already and I, too, am no longer considering an upgrade to the new box until we are offered a software/firmware upgrade that solves this problem on existing boxes and proves that they are able to work around or resolve this issue. After all--if the Slingbox support team's final answer is "it's your internet connection," then they clearly are not considering that the internet carrier is not too keen on allowing Slingbox content to cross their intranet if it's transmitting carrier content to additional locations/devices. Sling media better figure out how to circumvent these carrier hurdles--intentional or "unknowingly" permissive--or close their doors and call it quits since this reliable ability to connect regardless of carrier interference is the key to their success.


          Waiting (sort of) patiently for a fix...