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    Slingbox SOLO and Boxee Box - SlingApp Error Code 1003




      I have my slingbox solo in PHX Arizona. I go over seas all the time and this last time i brought a boxee box and set it all up over seas. I downloaded the slingapp, and logged in and it gives me an error saying Timed out code error 1003.


      So i researched the issue and found out that i need to open Ports 5001 on my home router. I opened these ports on the router using port forwarding. I am unsure how to my it static. For example, my ip for my slingbox is, so how do i make this static?


      Then, even when i port it with the dynamic ip, i run a port checker, and it says port 5001 is NOT open.... Im using a NETGEAR WNDR3400v2. So i may have to call NETGEAR on that one...


      Does anyone know how i can make my slingbox work on my boxee box? please let me know. this is very frustrating. thank you