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    Why a charge for the slingbox Andriod App

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      I have just purchased a Slingbox 500 and while very pleased with it, why is there an additional charge for the app for a tablet, we can use multiple computers, laptop and desktop for no additional cost. What gives

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          callanish Apprentice

          There are numerous grievances with Sling about this all over the forum going way back and sling's answer has always been that mobile apps are optional thus they have an extra cost attached to them. The truth is they are a nice little earner for sling, so that extra output that we pay for Android and IOS mobile apps are here to stay.  I paid $25 for each of my ipad and iphone slingplayer apps way back and to this day I've never been happy with how they've performed remotely with the two slingbox's I have running.