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    Xfinity connections,

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      I have an PRO-HD Slingbox that worked perfectly when connected to DirecTV, now I am having all  sorts of problems since the switch to Xfinity XG1-A, please tell me if the Xfinity system is compatible?

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          I recently switch from DirectTV and have sling working with xfinity with one minor problem. The audio and video are slightly out of sync.

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            I have the same setup (sling box pro hd and Comcast xfinity) and for a year now when I am not on my home network (i.e., on the road), my sling stops working after about five minutes. I changed the port and had some luck for about three weeks, but now I am beyond frustrated with the whole mess. Try changing ports (5001 or 5002) and see what happens. You right have better than luck then I had. Perhaps this is an issue with Xfinity. I have had one session that lasted about 45 minutes. Good luck.