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    Chromecast Issue: slingplayer app for android


      It has been hit or miss with this but now it won't get past the slingplayer "connecting" screen on my TV with the pin wheel.

      My phone says its connected. The app works on the phone but not when casting to the chrome cast device.

      Now you might say its the chrome cast ... not so Netflix work flawlessly when casted from my phone.

      Also I can cast lap top without any issue with the chromecast device

      The sling box M1 is not the issue as it work great with my laptop.


      Any suggestions?


      Message was edited by: sbt What I have done: Uninstall and reinstall the app on the phone. It is working perfectly on my network at home. The real test will come when I try to connect to the slingbox from a different location (vacation home) via Comcast, this is where I had the issue.. Stay tuned I will be reporting back this weekend.


      Edit #2

      Well the original chromecast device died. I returned it got an other.. here is my experience

      In the evening it was almost impossible to watch it buffered frequently and the quality of the picture degraded to the point looked like I needed glasses to focus the picture. So is it a network issue... not so when watching the slingbox on the laptop it was totally different, it was steady, the quality was good and once in a while it would pause slightly. Latter in the evening / morning , 3AM chromecast worked well, none of the issues during the peak hours were present. The laptop was also connected via Wifi


      Final result; Returned the chromecast, I can't be bothered with it if the quality is going to be so poor and unpredictable.


      Next up Roku stick