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    High Configuration HD Android TV Box


      "Hi, are there any HD Android TV boxes with high configuration that not only support 4K play but also we can watch HD videos and do voice chat and video chat with available in the market? And what kind of CPUs and models do they have? And how about the price?"


      Currently, there are the following CPUs that support HD and 4K video play,

      1.Allwinner A80 A31 CPU 

      2.Rockchips RK3288 CPU

      3.Amlogic S802 CPU


      According to your need, most people will choose CS918S or CS928 from these mainstream Android TV Boxes in the market at sz-csq.com .


      Android TV Box CS918S adopts A31 CPU of Allwinner, built-in 2GB DDR3, 16GB FLASH and a built-in 5 mega-pixel camera. This kind of settings should be top in the current market. You can use the camera to chat through Skype. The video it makes can be as good as 1080P. Moreover, it supports 4K video play. Thus, if you take on-line video play and Skype video chat into account, more people prefer CS918S.



      CS928S adopts RK3288 CPU, 2G DDR, 16G FLASH and a 5 mega-pixel camera as the one mentioned. Customers prefer games and ultra-large types of videos, they would choose CS928. Of course, some customers like karaoke, video chat and games, and then they tend to choose CS4K which is another high-end machine.



      If you are one of those enthusiastic fans, you can choose CS-Q8 for sure. It is equipped with Octa-Core CPU, thirty-two nucleus GPU, 4G DDR, 32G FLASH and meanwhile it can be connected to the SATA hard disk. However, I assume the price would be quite expensive.



      About XBMC, basically, all current Android TV boxes have the XBMC of their own version built in. It is the fundamental function of TV boxes nowadays, so there is no need to worry about the use of XBMC.