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    Internet connection error at home when my connection is fantastic


      I have a recently purchased Slingbox 350 and the latest version of OS X 10.10 and use Safari as the browser. I am constantly getting my video to stop and then error code W202 while at home. Running speed test during these problems, i have 90mbs down and 14 up (very fast and stable). This is making Slingbox not work for me at all.  Adding to my frustration are new video advertisements I must watch after I get the error (which stream in like a champ in full resolution). I really dislike using a browser for Slingbox and would prefer a real app that works. My local wifi and internet connection are stellar, my experience is less so. Also I feel Slingbox is a bit scummy by making me watch ads, charging ridiculous amounts for two mobile apps that could be universal and updating there hardware right after my purchase without keeping my model current in software. The concept is good, the execution leaves a lot to be desired from user experience to bugs.