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    SlingPlayer Desktop Helper. EH


      Does anyone know what this is? I talked to tech support and they told me it is not a Sling thing. It shows up in activity monitor on MacBook/Yosemite multiple times and is causing cpu percentage anywhere from 70 to 140 percent:



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          ferguspa Apprentice

          I have the same list of five processes when streaming (OS X 10.10, Slingbox 350, Slingplayer Desktop 5.0.38).  It's due the structure of the application,  which is an embedded version of Chrome that goes directly to the web Slingplayer.  The helper applications are normal.

          If it makes you feel better, all the applications listed are in the Slingplayer Desktop application bundle:


          Slingplayer Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/Slingplayer Desktop

          Slingplayer Desktop.app/Contents/Frameworks/Slingplayer Desktop Helper EH.app

          Slingplayer Desktop.app/Contents/Frameworks/Slingplayer Desktop Helper.app


          And disappear from Activity Monitor when Slingplayer Desktop is closed.