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    Rcmd Router/Gatewy & Port Forwarding


      Slingbox M1 newbie

      • Need to exchange my current router/gateway from a 4 port to a 6 or 8 port
      • Current model is Verizon DSL-2750 B (4 output ports)
      • One port in the new 6 or 8 port router/gateway would be dedicated to the M1.  Currently I disconnect a port and plug the M1 when I go away (I'm ignoring wireless because of performance)
      • Verizon doesn't provide 6/8 port router/gateways to consumers
      • On one occasion gateway had to be rebooted to receive M1 signal
      • using standard definition (composite?) not HD (update planned)



      1. Can you recommend a 6/8 port consumer router/gateway for the M!?   Or what should I look for?
      2. Does port forwarding benefit M1 (TCP vs UHF)?
      3. What router/gateway works best and are easy to port forward (if this is the case)?
      4. And, can I close the cover to my laptop, or minimize the M1, and not disconnect to improve or lower my risk of not connecting later in the day?