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    Blockbuster app network error




      I just stumbled across the blockbuster app and was very excited to find it. I was ready for movie night with the family, rented The Hunger Games, hit 'watch now' and…..get an error message. it is hard to read as the top half of all words is cut off. but it is something like "…402. Network error preventing playback. please check network cabling and router. otherwise press any key to continue."


      I rebooted the sling box, but that didn't help. I tried throttling down the bandwidth within the blockbuster app, but that didn't work. I ran a speed test and have 24 Mbps download speeds, so that's clearly not the problem. I downloaded the blockbuster app for my Mac, which is on the same wireless network as the sling box and in the same room, and had no issues watching the trailer.


      What could possibly be the problem?




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          rachel.sling Newbie


          Try a different method of rebooting the Slingbox, such as unplugging and plugging the power cord back in. We just had the same exact thing happen in our Sling Lab and we can watch any of the movies or trailers now.


          Hope this helps!


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