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    Slingbox Solo unresponsive and wont connect to router

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      As of approximately a week ago my Slingbox Solo is not able to be viewed on my iPhone or Computer, had it for years, never had an issue. "Slingplayer cannot connect to your Slingbox" tells me to make sure iPhone/computer and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again. The power light stays bright solid red while the network light appears dimmer and pulses every 7-10 seconds. When attempting a "hard reset" the lights do nothing different.


      I have done the following in attempt to correct this trouble:

      -Reset modem and router

      -Unplugged power and Ethernet cable to my Slingbox and router.

      -Tried a new ethernet cable from Slingbox to router.

      -Tried a different ethernet port on the router.

      -Hard reset to the Slingbox - zero response there as mentioned.


      I was curious to know if anyone had any further ideas on getting the Slingbox back in communication with my router. I love my Slingbox so much and this is driving me frigging nuts, I really appreciate your time and feedback.