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    SB500 Video Distorted or Not Full Screen


      A few weeks back, my SB500 had distorted video when streaming.  I had to change the video from default to wide screen and it was better.  I removed the HDMI cable and just stuck with the component, put back on auto, and it seemed ok for a couple of weeks.  Now this morning I went to use it and the video would not full the screen.  I had to change it to letter box and not wide screen although it is hi def content and it fulls the screen and does not seem distorted, but the text on the menus of the fios service seems choppy.

      I am using Verizon Fios with their VMS and the box is s ARRIS IPC1100.

      Any ideas what this could be?  I will try hooking up the HDMI again, but figure it should work with just component video.