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    connecting sling box 500 where stereo is also used

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      My desired configuration is to use slingbox 500 with HDTV and also have a receiver for surround sound. Can someone describe the connection sequence/what connects to what between cable box,sling box,receiver and tv?

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          Golfbal1 Newbie

          i have the same exact question.


          It seems no one has assisted you in several months so posting my question seems to make little sense. So lets see if I can figure this out.


          If today, your cable box hdmi Out goes to Stereo Receiver IN and then Stereo Out goes to TV In.

          Now you inject the Slingbox

          Cable Box Out goes to Slingbox In (instead of Stereo)

          Sling Box Out goes to Stereo Receiver In (need a new HDMI cable here, this is also where the Cable box out was connected to)

          Stereo Receiver Out goes to TV In (nothing to change should already be connected this way if your setup is same as described before this journey)


          If you were to look at it graphically it would be CB>SB>Stereo>TV


          I am about to try this now. Will let you know if it works.

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              Golfbal1 Newbie

              I did exactly what I said in the above post and it worked!


              I actually stumbled on 2 articles at Slingbox that I could not find when I did searches previously.  I believe that is the NUMBER 1 Reason people have so much trouble with the support because search words don't return what is actually available.  Also, I don't understand why their support people don't answer questions unless they can't find what we can't find either....Your question is 5 months old and crickets were chirping when I saw it. I am guessing you probably already got it setup or returned it to the store.


              I've been using Slingbox since day one and own 2 and manage my mother's and neighbors for a total of 6 sling boxes. It is a set it and forget it device but when you need to do something it usually means a refresher course because each box model is slightly different along with various setups.  To me the support pages are crucial for this, just wish the searches returned results or better results.


              Slingbox.com - Setting up your Slingbox 500/SlingTV

              Slingbox.com - How to connect and use an AV receiver with the SlingTV/Slingbox 500



              Couple Tips

              1) After you setup your hdmi's properly, Power on the Sling box and do a reset. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds.  Let it sit a few minutes. Then setup your WIFI.  By doing this it forces an update to the firmware.  When I tried to do an update through the TV screen menu it said I did not need it when in fact I did. Also, if you are going to change your login account you need to perform a reset as well to release it from the previous login.  People that buys these 2nd hand will have to do this as well.


              2)After you setup WIFI connection to your home network, you can either finalize setup on TV or on computer by going to watch.slingbox.com. I found the TV was easier.