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    Software Update broke the Dishworld App - Unprofessional Tech Support


      Hello Community mates,


      hopefully this forum is supervised by some SB senior management. I installed the latest software update two days back, which required a few resets and once the SB was back up and running, I found out that the Dishworld app/service isn't working or launching. One of the only reason for purchasing SB500 was to be able to watch Dishworld. Below is the ordeal with tech support at SlingBox:


      • Called them to report, operator created a ticket, gave me the number, logged into the account asked me about resetting which I said I have done a few times, asked me to call Dishworld and then call back SB tech support so they can escalate the matter.
      • Called DishWorld, they checked on their end and determined everything is operating fine and asked me to call SB tech support (sounds familiar)
      • Called SB techsupport and gave them the ticket number. Support rap asked me why I was calling back if I already have a ticket. I said because I was told to and that there's a need for this issue to be escalated as I'm paying $35/month to view something through SB which isn't allowing me to view anymore. Support Rap said there's no ETA on this ticket and could take weeks for it to be resovled, if it will be resolved. At hearing my displeasure I was informed that it is my prerogative to report this to the consumer department and other forums but it is what it is.


      Hopefully some future buyers are reviewing these sites and if they are please be warned of this existing attitude with SB customer support. Very unhappy.

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          You are not the only one having this issue. I  ran into the same issue with the update the that killed both Dish World and Blockbuster apps on my Sling box 500. Pathetic customer support, I paid $250 for this device recently and this is the service I get.


          I called the support at least 4 times and they ask me to contact Dish World for support. Finally they took my complaint and said we are aware of this issue and the developers are working on a resolution. I am paying $45 a month to Dish World and unable to enjoy for what I pay because of Sling box.


          I'm very disappointed and what a waste of money for this device now.