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    HD Fury 111 and slingox 350

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      I have been trying to get my slingbox 350 linked to a Samsung BD-F7500. I got the HD Fury 111 converter today, fitted it with the default dip switch settings and got no joy - no video and no sound. I changed some dip switch settings as I guess the resolution was too much for sling. After the changes I got good video over the slingbox. In case anyone else has the same settings problems, this is what I did to get the video side to work (not all may be necessary by the way - I am not a teckie)


      switch 1 leave as off

      switch 2 leave as on

      switch 3 leave as off

      switch 4 switch to off

      switch 5 leave off

      switch 6 leave as on

      switch 7 switch to off

      switch 8 switch too off


      Two problems left to resolve...no sound - does anyone know how I can get the sound to work ? There is an optical output from the HD Fury 111 but of course no optical input into the slingbox. I tried phono plugs from the Samsung direct to the slingbox but no joy there either.


      Second problem is that the remote works (I just chose a standard Samsung BD remore as this model is not listed) but is very limited. I need the full remote for a Samsung BD-F7500 ? What the basic control is lacking is the ability to get back to the smart hub or you just get stuck remotely going down a path you can;t get back out of and back to main menu