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    Downgrade your mobile device by upgrading software :(


      Has anyone noticed that HD quality stream is no longer available for Apple's mobile app? I sometimes avoid updating some of my apps because they sometimes ruin a perfectly good app. Unfortunately this was the case with Slingbox. After upgrading to a larger iPhone screen (mainly to view Slingbox better), I couldn't figure out why I was disappointed in the video. Turns out that my only option in settings is for SD quality no matter the connection. I called customers service and they told me I had to post a blog about my feedback in order to have a chance at the issue being investigated and fixed. So if you also noticed this issue with your mobile app,comment here and maybe we can once again enjoy our product with modern technology quality. I saw same complaint reported and addressed by Slingbox in May but tech is wrong. It doesn't switch based on bandwidth. Why do I get obvious HD quality on old iPad that allows the option and newer phone app looks worse on same network? Sounds like a tech cover-up response is easier than bringing back whatever was taken away on last upgrades. JUST RESTORE TO PREVIOUS CAPABILITIES!

      I still have an old version of the app on my 1stgen iPad and it still steams in HD quality. Not going to update app on that till resolved.


      - Desperately Seeking Clarity