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    Does roku need ipad even when you don't need controls?

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      I often use the slingbox to watch from a 2nd tv in another room while my wife controls the dvr or channels so I rarely need control functions.  I had a  vizio co-start google tv device but it has failed and I need to replace it.   The roku device sounds like it might be the best current player, but I don't really want to have to drag another device around just to turn it on.   Assuming you have set it up and connected previously, can you start the roku playing again from the same source with its own remote?


      And if not, what 'connected device' would be best for this use?   Is Apple TV the same in terms of needing the ipad for control? I have a laptop that works, but I'd also rather not drag it around and jack in the hdmi every time either.    This would be to connect to a slingbox pro-hd and I'd like the device to also support netflix (which seems to rule out recent WD devices).