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    Getting error code 202 even though network light is on


      I have a Slingbox Solo that I use when I'm on vacation, and when I'm not on vacation I let my buddy use it for is TV. He just told me today (Monday) on Thursday night he was watching a football game and it cut out on him when he tried to connect the was getting an error code 202. I just tried it from here and in getting the same error (I know it says it's supposed to be no Internet connectivity, but the network light is on and I have 50 Mbs Comcast Internet). I tried resetting the box by unplugging it and plugging it back in even though the network light is on, reset my router and still no luck. I tried going into settings, but I must have turned off network user at some point in time so it shows me is not connected and will not bring up the settings. Anybody have any ideas I can get this corrected?

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          I had the same issue. I have a 4 port network switch behind the TV that I use to connect the SMART TV and other components, including the Slingbox 350. The 350 had an IP and appeared to be connected fine to the network. However, every time I tried to access it, the viewer hung, and after a few minutes, displayed Error 202 - poor network connection.

          Well, I happened to have a 50 foot lan cable and connected the 350 directly to my Netgear router (i.e., bypassing the switch). After a reboot of the Slingbox, I was able to connect with no problem. I am no network guru and I would be curious if anyone else has seen this issue (error 202 when trying to connect through a switch) and has a theory why.


          Dan, if you are not using a switch, I'm not sure what the problem may be. If you do, try a "direct connection" and see if it works for you, too.

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              I had mine connected directly to my router with about a 10 foot ethernet cable. I also had some troubles when I was running it through a switch using the same length cable.


              I was able to get my Slingbox going again, I reset it back to factory defaults and then went in and redid all the settings. I'm happy to say everything works fine now!


              Was really strange though as it was working fine and then just quit working mid-show. That's modern technology for you though, when it works it's great, when it doesn't it's a major pain in the A$$!