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    Should I purchase a new model?

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      I've had an HD-Pro for several years.  My sole reason for owning it is to Sling TV shows from my home DVR to a vacation home.


      I've recently had unsatisfactory weekends at the vacation home where the connection keeps terminating on me.  This is subsequent to upgrading my AT&T service and a new router being installed by the technician.


      AT&T U-Verse is the provider.  Motorola NVG589 is the router.  Setup has no instructions for that router.  I'm not advanced enough to be changing firewall port forwarding on my own.

      Upload speed test of 5mbp from the main house.  Download speed test of 50mbps at the vacation home.


      What would be the advantages to me of upgrading to a current model, and which one should I get?