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    Ipad apps video quality choices vs Web app


      Hello , i'm a little worried from the bandwitdh usage of the sling. I've a roku 3 connected remotly in another location

      I provided the feed to my tenant while they uses the slingplyer app on their Ipad.

      The thing is the Stream is usually around 8MBps sustain. i have a max 300GB per months and I'm close to hit the threshold.

      The only choice I have is the Ipad to set it at Standard quality which alter the quality significantly.  Compare to Web app that gives you much more choices like best better standard etc.

      Just Wonder if there is any expectation to give more flexibility with BW usage since a 8MBPS is overkill for 720p ans SQ is Under the minimum need for pseudo HD.

      Anychance another option could be available to limit the bandwidth on Ipad / Roku/ Appletv in some sort of middle range like the web app made available ex. 1.5MBps SQ /  3MBps HD and finally Optimized ( between wathever your up and down can gives you 6 to 8 MBps).

      It would realy improve consumption of bandwitdh!!!


      Any thought on that???