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    Setup a legacy SlingBox

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      Inherited an SB220-100 and am trying to set it up.  I installed SlingPlayer but could not get past setting up the cable line.


      When I chose external box, my box was not listed.  When I chose cable without box, it could not find my provider (Comcast/Xfinity in Baltimore County - my zip is 21212).  It does show the signal both video & audio, which includes HD channels in the setup. 


      My Comcast branded box is an RNG110, which I believe is mfgr Pace. See http://media2.comcast.net/anon.comcastonline2/support/help/faqs/settopboxes/Pacerng110wrf.pdf

      Comcast shoots a digital signal to this HD box.  I use the Comcast remote.


      I installed Symbi and it gave me 5 green checks.


      Using the setup.slingbox.com help, it configures my unit, scans for all the channels and finds one channel.  Then it again cannot find my provider and only lists one provider.


      I decided to reboot and try again.  I didn't get any further.


      Is there some way to set this up for at least viewing over my LAN?


      - bardi

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Some thoughts:


          As the Tuner in this box is analog I assume you are driving it from the output of the DTA box ?    This analog output will ONLY be Channel 3 or Channel 4, which would explain why only one channel was found.   So that is normal behavior.


          Forget about the provider, that is simply to give you an on-screen TV Guide, it doesn't relate to the operation of the Slingbox.


          And surprised your Comcast RNG100 doesn't show up as that is a pretty standard box.  I would try some other Comcast boxes as they all tend to use the same codes.