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    connect sling 350 and samsung BD-F7500.

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      I've been looking for an answer to this one which, I guss affects many sling users. Forgive me if there is already a post explaining it but I couldn't find one. The Samsung BD-F7500 (Blu ray DVD player and also TV channels plus apps online) has an HDMI output and there is no HDMI input on the slingbox. The 500 (which as an HDMI input) is not available in the UK. OK...so I thought if I connected an HDMI converter that sends on the signal via a comonent lead I might be cooking on gas ! But - no joy. No video signal detected. Is this because HDMI protects the signal ? Does anyone know how I might be able to connect my Samsung to my sling and watch remotely ?


      Cheers and thanks