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    Chromecast quality is terrible compared to everything else (including WDTV)

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      I've had a Slingplayer 350 for a while in Japan, playing it here in the USA.


      Since my latest ISP change, quality is great! 720p > 2.5mbit no problem, just not on chromecast.


      However, I've been evaluating a chromecast as a replacement. Supposedly it has hand-off, but in my case I've seen:


      Windows box - great

      iPad - great

      MS Surface - great

      WDTV Streaming player - really great!


      Chromecast - total 320x240 ****.


      I debugged the connection settings a long time ago, for example the WDTV reports as tcpWan as connection, indicating no proxy wackyness.


      PCs can easily push over 4mbit.

      Netflix on the chromecast when tested reports 5800kbps, so it's not my wifi (for which the ipad & surface are also on..)


      So, Sling, why is the chromecast handoff so bad, and are you going to do something about it?