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    Thoughts about upgrading my Slingbox Legacy

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      Man I have had my slingbox for a long long time now. I dont know when I got it but its coming up on 10 years if it already hasnt. I havent upgraded for a while because it works well and although I only get SD and not HD I had been fine with that but I am just sick of wasting my beautiful beautiful cell screens. I travel for work a fair amount and they never have the stations I want so this comes in handy. I used the slingbox on my laptop to distract my wife giving birth with my first son over 3 years ago (seriously!).

      The main reason I havent upgraded because I have been under the assumption that in order to get HD I have to interrupt the cable box at home. I travel for work, but that doesnt mean my family does. And because of this I have been hesitant to upgrade. Can you answer me if I am using my slingplayer on my phone/laptop to watch HD shows connected to my box, if my family will be effected at home? Will they have to watch what I watch or will they still be able to watch what they want should they so please. I am under the assumption that since it is not coax and uses the IR sensor to control the channels my family will be out of luck if I am on my slingplayer.


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          The new Slingboxes do require that you connect the cable box with component or composite connections directly. This would affect the person viewing at home unfortunately. You both would have the ability to change channels, but whatever the person is watching at home, you would watch on the computer, etc. The way to get around that would be to get a separate, dedicated cable box to hook up the Slingbox to. This would allow you to view your own cable box and not affect the person at home at all.


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              This is what I feared Katie. It kind of defeats the whole upgrade deal if when I am travelling I have to comandeer the TV watching. Adding a dedicated cable box which I would rent from TWC would mean this would require a monthly service. This is what you folks should work on for your new products. I mean us business travellers travel with our family at home. What about the SlingTV with the HDMI passthrough, is it the same with that product?