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    P-16 error  just started on an M1 that has been fine


      I've just stated getting this error on a system that has been stable and working for several weeks. Just today...was working fine for about three hours and now (ironically as the football games are beginning to start) I am getting this error and dissconnection about every 3 minutes.


      Yes, I have port forwarding set up

      No, I cannot reset the box...I am travelling.


      Did you guys honestly push out a software update on a football game day?  Kind of feels like that is what is going on.


      I'm funning slingplayer desktop on a macbook pro with Yosemite...from a M1 both sides have 100Mb up and 20Mb down.  I have shut down allother network traffice on the viewer side.  I cannot touch the M1 side since...I am not there...


      Any help?